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IndexArea Index Area A series of indexes to discover the suitability of an area.

A series of indexes to discover the suitability of an area

Have you ever wondered if a particular area of a city matches your lifestyle and needs? Now you can find out with Indexarea!

Insert an address in the search bar above or drag on map then push the button to check an area. Check results under the map.
Suitability for Students: /100
Suitability for Families: /100
Suitability for Single/Couple: /100
There are three main indexes. One measures the suitability of an area for families, one for young couples or singles, and one for students. These indexes are based on data deriving from POIs.
Indexes are used to measure how suitable an area could be for differents people and different needs.
Indexes go from 0 to 100 and represent the overall value of an area.
Point of interest
Points of interests are provided by differents platforms. They can be integrated with other data sources. They are constantly updated.
Beta version ready! Documentation
Latitude and longitude given, each single index will be provided.
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